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About Me

I am a meditation guide, yoga teacher, counselor, massage therapist, and slackline yoga enthusiast living in the Pacific Northwest.


A public middle school counselor by day and student of Buddhist psychology by night, I'm constantly opening to new practices that bring balance and spaciousness to both my internal and external world.

I love to surf, in water, on snow, concrete, and of course along my beloved 1 inch slackline.

My mantra is "learn, teach, learn, teach, learn."

As a lifelong learner, I laugh a lot and love to listen to others laugh too.  Some say repetition is the key to learning, I say it's laughter.



Grow your Lotusfeet and open with ease 

amidst the muddy water.


The yoga I teach is the yoga I practice.  I've been teaching since 2006 and my offerings have changed with the tides of time.  Currently I'm most interested in sharing my love of long held Yin Yoga postures to balance physical and emotional energies, along with gentle movement, sealing each practice with a quiet seat in meditation. 


I am trained in Vipassana, Vajrayana, Zen, transpersonal psychology and nondualistic approaches. Currently studying alongside Caverly Morgan and the Presence Collective.

Trauma Informed Practices

I am a 2005 graduate of Connecticut Center For Massage Therapy. Currently, my focus lies within the realm of Thai massage techniques, acupressure, and Swedish modalities. Having worked mostly with athletes and weekend warriors, I've learned that folding massage into my yoga classes can be beneficial for all.  I look to share my massage knowledge in a way that teaches students the benefits of trigger point release.  Many are surprised how accessible trigger point release can be, anywhere you go, even without an extra set of hands!


I'm a proud member of the very first graduating class of Yogaslackers Teachers, circa 2011. This training changed the trajectory of my life in many ways. I watched edges soften, and barriers removed in the playful practice of slacklining and acroyoga. Opportunity arose and I was able to teach at Wanderlust yoga festivals, Yoga Journal conferences, and retreat centers all over the country, CT, VT, MA, NY, IL, UT, CO, CA, HI, and Vancouver BC.  My slacklining goal is to use my life's journey to help facilitate both authentic healing and positive change in the most playful way possible.

Practices that promote a culture of empowerment, safety, and healing.

Recognizing that we all show up to our yoga mats with different backgrounds, trauma informed practices allow us to be present with curiosity and compassion rather than judgement.

I lead and frequent retreats each year.  Working as a public middle school counselor for most of the year, I'm at high risk for compassion fatigue and burnout. I've learned that retreat is the best way to balance this. You can find me steeping in silence for a week or two each summer, or leading groups toward balance on weekends. Building curriculum and retreat planning are some of my favorite parts of this practice.  If you have an idea for a retreat that you'd like to create, let me know, I love working with/consulting for folks who are following their passions!

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