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My Approach

Everyone deserves peace.

This is my "why." 

I share the practices I do because they are the ones that have guided me over the years.  These practices helped me develop my steadfast resiliency, meanwhile allowing spaciousness for contemplative reflection.

Whether it's teaching meditation to teachers in a public school, guiding groups of middle schoolers toward a state of calm while in my office, leading a group of experienced yogis into longer held poses, or playing outside on slacklines fastened to tall PNW fir trees, my intention is simple; to guide my students and community toward an experience of wholehearted and integrated peace. 


Lotusfeet Yoga  was born from the belief that all yogis have lotus flowers for feet.  


Offering opportunity and illumination to those stuck in the shadows of the world, while drawing from both the beauty and strength of the lotus flower.  Growing from the murky depths up towards the radiance above, this is where full potential blooms! Lotusfeet Yoga is an organization dedicated to bridging the gap between the dark and the light.  


I hope to assist in creating a community of care, while guiding individuals toward renewal and positive change, within ourselves and the world.

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